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Well, that was quick. … After our search for help last week, we got very nice emails and finally found someone who is helping us with these link collections now. So thanks to you, our newest contributor, we’re happy to say (again):


Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday! The week’s (almost) over, and these are our reading recommendations, curated for you, for your weekend or a lazy afternoon. Enjoy!


Open Source

Yours truly: the Hoodies have IRC Office Hours and a new FAQ section now!

The vote on the new bylaws, new Fauxton design, how to optimize views and much more: the CouchDB Weekly News is out.

Leaving Toxic Open Source Communities.

Sticker Time!


(Nearly) Everything a typography lover’s heart could want can be found in this list of free typography resources.

If you ever tried to come up with a logo, you know how hard it is to combine all the ideas you have. But some people do get it right.

What is a designer? What is a designer’s responsibility to culture and individuals? A lightning talk from Cole Peters, given at IndieTech Summit 2014.

“Remember, you are the modern incarnation of a long and storied tradition.”  – How to become a UX Torturer

The Web and Development

Aaaah … the you of debugging. If you need some pointers on your favourite pastime, have a look at this slides on how to debug anything.

The nature of code is something that author Daniel Shiffman thought about a lot.

“The Refactoring Tales”, a free to read online book about refactoring & maintaing code.

Ars technica editor Cyrus Farivar wondered, what exactly the feds know about him. Turns out, his credit card details for example.

The talks from HOPE X (Hackers on planet earth) are up. One of them is a conversation with Edward Snowden.

A very good list of must-watch JavaScript talks and videos. Well worth bookmarking.

Service Models, the Rise, and Beyond: Backend as a Service

“Offline First” – a talk from Alex Feyerke, given at WebDirections 2014 and now online as a video.

The Tech World and Culture

Even in leading positions and haven proven themselves, women in the gaming industry have to live with harassment. Tips like “Don’t take it personal” don’t help when you’re threatened with rape.

Who is an Open Source contributor? How the diversity in tech movement is causing an open source identity crisis.

“Their accidental lack of diversity early on quickly appears to be deliberate.” – “Females” in Open Source

The Business

Danny Chrichton wrote a column about the problem with founders.

Not just employers are able to do reference checking, it can also go the other way round.

How our assumptions about our technical workforce keep us from building more diverse (and successful) organizations.

Company cultures grow from the seeds planted by their leaders.

We <3

Over 250 animators worked together to re-animate an episode of Sailor Moon, each of them using their own style.

Who wouldn’t like to find some cute motivational sticky notes on the train to work? They have cats on them, too!

There are two sides to every story … take these album covers for example.

Artist Christina De Middel thought about what these people depicted in spam emails look like … and made pictures of them.

We also <3 our system admins! It’s system administrator appreciation day today, so maybe say thank you to yours?


Have a great weekend!

The Hoodie “TGIF” has to go on a summer break – do you want to contribute?


Update July 26: We’re incredibly happy about all emails we received and are really glad we now found someone who’ll be helping us keep the “TGIF” alive. <3 If you still want to help us with e.g. design, writing or anything else you can think of and want to become part of our amazing community: ping us, we’d love to hear from you!


Dear Friends of Hoodie,

We love our weekly “TGIF” and we have heard from many of you, that you also love TGIF. However, after extensive discussions, we had to come to the conclusion that we’ll have to let our weekly TGIF link collection go on a longer summer vacation. At the moment, our resources are very limited and as such, we won’t be able to continue collecting, reading content and curating all links for this weekly release on our own. We’ll extend our Twitter activities a bit and tweet more content aside from directly Hoodie-related items from now on.

We want to thank everyone who has shared those links during the last 35 releases and given us great feedback. We know that there are some of you who have really appreciated this and we want to say a special thanks to you, it’s been a pleasure working on this content for you. The thing is, for now, we’ll have to focus more on Hoodie itself and don’t see any way to keep the TGIF going as well. We’ll work towards restarting this little series by autumn. Or …

Do you want to help us?

Are you interested in

  • the future of the web
  • and what’s happening in and around it currently
  • design
  • software development and how to do it
  • building sustainable tech businesses
  • feminism

and would want to prepare the “TGIF!” either weekly, twice a month or monthly, no matter what works for you? We’d love to have you on board!

We’d especially love to encourage people who have not contributed to an Open Source project before, everyone who is not a developer but, for example, a writer, marketing or communications expert or just interested in reading and sharing good content. The “TGIF!” mainly focuses on all topics related to Hoodie which are listed above and have also been special sections in our 35 posts we’ve had so far.

We can also recommend sources and would of course help with getting you started and providing all support you need. And it would of course also be possible to, for example, start with shorter issues or a different frequency than weekly – we’re happy to talk about this with you.

If this sounds like something you’d want to do, send us an email to hi_thehoodiefirm_com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Update: Thanks so much to everyone who contacted us! We’re very glad we found someone who’s now helping us with these link collections. If you’re interested in helping out with other communication parts of Hoodie, please contact us, there’s a lot to do :)

Hoodietime! Events and Conferences with Hoodies in June and July, 2014


The Hoodies are travelling. – We have already given Hoodie- and Hoodie-related talks at 16 meetups and conferences this year, and some of us are already preparing slides again. By the way: if you’re interested in Hoodie-stickers, meeting us at conferences is usually a great opportunity ;) If you want to give a Hoodie talk yourself and need slides or support, ping us, we’re happy to help. There’s also a list of all talks (incl. videos, if available) given before.

Pics: Lena Reinhard, license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

And this is where we’re going in June and July: (more…)

A Hoodie for you (8): Katrin Apel

Katrin Apel is a Berlin-based iOS developer whose contributions are of high value for Hoodie: she recently implemented the first versions of Hoodie-iOS (HOOHoodie) that connects to the Hoodie backend API (you’ll find more about it in this post).

Last week, she gave a talk about Building your first iOS apps with Hoodie, including one of the probably best Hoodie-talk slides ever:

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 14.50.53

Note: Yes, there has been a bit of an Adventure Time-meme evolving in Hoodie talks recently. Which we want to comment appropriately:

Not all Fridays – TGIF! (35)

Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday! The week’s (almost) over, and these are our reading recommendations, curated for you by Team Hoodie for your weekend or a lazy afternoon. Enjoy!


Open Source

Ola‘s talk from Beyond Tellerand – Say hello to Offline First!

Alex‘ talk from Decentralise Camp – On Decentralisation (notes taken during the talk can be found here)

Katrin‘s talk from Cocoaheads Meetup – Building your first iOS app with Hoodie

“[I]f you want your open source project to have an impact, you need to step out of your coder bubble.”Treat Open Source like a Startup

JavaScript Debugging for Beginners

Putting people first Aiming for open source technology that is gorgeous and provides great UX – Free is a Lie


In the age of experience, great design is your business plan

The Web

Open Access: NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has made almost 400,000 high-resolution digital images of its collection available for free download. You can find the collection here. (more…)

Tell me on a Friday – TGIF! (34)

Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday! The week’s (almost) over, and these are our reading recommendations, curated for you by Team Hoodie for your weekend or a lazy afternoon. Enjoy!


Open Source

Will there be an euruject, a reject-Conf for eurucamp? Maybe, maybe …

Mozilla and DRM in a Nutshell Storify

We created a list of all slides, podcasts and talks about Hoodie, Offline First, noBackend, Dreamcode. If you’re searching for one, you’ll find it here. If you want to give a talk about one of those topics yourself, ping us – we’re happy to send you over some editable slides!

There is now a company to support Hoodie’s furthering. And Hoodie is and will always be free and Open Source. – Welcome to the Neighbourhoodie


Ampersands. Just Ampersands. Beautiful Ampersands.

For more Ampersands: Open Source Ampersands (and congrats to your relaunch, folks!) (more…)

Welcome to the Neighbourhoodie

Pic: Alex Feyerke

It’s finally a thing: we are a company.

The idea came up around one year ago. After talking this through a great many times, and dealing with some German bureaucracy™ for six months, we are now a proper German GmbH (similar to the British Ltd.).

Our full name is The Neighbourhoodie Software GmbH. It’s a mouthful, but complies with all laws around German company founding. Call us Neighbourhoodies for short :)

To make our status as a company and the effects on Hoodie clear, we have written down some answers to questions that may occur now:

Why the …?
There’s a few reasons why we thought (and still think) it can be a good idea to start a company when you’re running an Open Source project:

  • Hoodie has become very important for each of us and we want to protect it and keep working on it. Our main goal behind the company founding is to grow a small, sustainable business that enables more and more people to make a living while spending as much time as possible on working on Open Source.
  • We’ve already been working together on Hoodie-based client projects in the past year. Client projects vary from us building full solutions for clients with Hoodie (and adding missing features on the way), to support and consulting on projects that our clients develop themselves.
  • Working together as a company makes it easier for our clients to work with us.
  • In addition, while working together this past year, we were all personally, individually liable for any responsibilities that come with that work. From now on, the company will assume that liability.
  • Plus, one more thing: being a company also gives us more freedom to do many things. In particular, it allows us to give people security and care for them not only on a personal level, but also monetarily — we are now in the position to hire people, pay them money and their social security which is a different level of caring, but one we can now choose to go for. We consider this as a great opportunity to support people and their work. And one we’re happy to choose whenever it is possible and makes sense for us.
  • It’s also related to the time Open Source contribution takes. As Ashe Dryden pointed out: “Marginalized people in tech … have less free time for a few major reasons: dependent care, domestic work and errands, and pay inequity.” We aim to especially support marginalized people to both increase the diversity in our community and give them the opportunity to work on Open Source while making a living.
  • We’re also aiming to give back to the community as much as we can — we’ll keep on sponsoring events, giving away conference tickets, covering travel cost for attendees. We’ll also continue our efforts regarding giving back to Hoodie’s contributors.
  • Many parts of the work the company will be doing will be given back in terms of Open Source.
  • All profits of the company will go towards the continued development of Hoodie the Open Source project.

But … Open Source!
We want Hoodie to grow and to live long and prosper. And we want it to become bigger than us, its core committers, one day. There’s one thing that we’ll take care for a lot: Hoodie is and always will be free. It will remain the Open Source project it is now. In order to ensure at least some financial independence, and that the Open Source project doesn’t have to worry about money, we have created the company to support it.

Who the …?
There’s a team of founders and shareholders around the company, which are Alex Feyerke, Caolan McMahon, Gregor Martynus, Lena Reinhard and Jan Lehnardt. Lena and Jan are also the official Geschäftsführer (CEOs) of it. And we’re proud that we have our first employee, Ola Gasidlo.

How does this affect Hoodie?
In the short term, there may not be any clearly visible effects as we’ll just continue our work which we’ve been doing in the past year. All donations and sponsorings towards Hoodie will still be used directly to furthering Hoodie. In the long term, hopefully, we’ll be able to both ensure people can make a living and mainly work on Open Source. We’ll be working hard on achieving this goal. For details about how Hoodie is funded, see this post.

Will Hoodie be the same as The Neighbourhoodie?
No. We consider The Neighbourhoodie as a tool that we use — it gives us security and more opportunities in some ways. That will take effort that we don’t want to burden Hoodie the Open Source project with. We have been discussing the differentiation between Hoodie and the company we have now founded many, many times and  we all agree that they should be separate. Enforcing the separation while staying tied to Hoodie will be one of our main goals. Should the company fail, Hoodie will live on.

What is the future of Hoodie?
This is the “dreaming out loud”-section of this post. Our idea is for one day to turn the company into a non-profit organization whose goal it will be to ensure Hoodie’s future. We’ll see how this works out after we have figured out this whole reliable revenue thing.

What’s that company doing?
Our main goal is to keep on working on Hoodie. Thus, we’re focussing our business on delivering prototypes and products that are built on Hoodie. That allow us, with each project, to (1) deliver what our clients need and (2) work on Hoodie at the same time (by, e.g., developing features which a client needs but which Hoodie doesn’t offer yet by default. We develop them and, of course, Open Source them).

And, ehm … what is that “Hoodie”?
Hoodie is an Open Source project that enables Frontend Developers to build web applications easily – Hoodie’s bundled all important backend components (like user registration, emails etc.) together in one API. So what you do is: just plug your frontend code in and your app works. And that’s it :) Thus, it enables you to build complete web apps in days, without having to worry about backends, databases or servers, all with an easy-to-use Open Source library that’s as simple to use as jQuery.

If you have any further questions or want to hire us to build your prototype or product: we’re happy to hear from you.

The Neighbourhoodies

Talks and Podcasts about Hoodie, OfflineFirst, noBackend, Dreamcode, Hoodie-related topics

The Internet™ is a huge place and it’s sometimes hard to find what you’re looking for.

As we’re still working on improving all the Hoodie-related content and people told us they’d like to have one place where they could find them, we thought it could be a really good idea to store all talks about Hoodie decentrally. And there we go!

This collection will be updated frequently, newest talks in each sections are on top. If you need further information, have questions or want to give a Hoodie talk yourself somewhere, ping us on Twitter (@hoodiehq) or find us on IRC (#hoodie). We’re happy to help!

Team Hoodie

Table of Contents:
Offline First-talks
Dreamcode-, noBackend- and Decentralisation Talks
Hoodie-related talks: Open Source culture, Future of Open Source etc. (more…)

Taking back Friday – TGIF! (33)

 Thank Grohl, Gauss, Glob, Galileo and Science it’s Friday! The week’s (almost) over, and these are our reading recommendations, curated for you by Team Hoodie for your weekend or a lazy afternoon. Enjoy!


Open Source

“I’ve downloaded Node.js, now what?” – The Absolute Beginners Guide to Node.js

“The personal computer and the internet have fundamentally changed the way we work together. And as things become cheaper, easier, and more accessible, that long tail stretches out.” The long tail of Open Source (and you) (more…)